Thank you for coming, enjoy!

This is not Official Site.
And I am not Mr. Jasper Redd.
This is a fan site and created for the fans, by a fan.
However, I used his pictures by his permission.
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If you registered, you can upload your pictures too, but first you need to make own albums. Register and log in, then go to "HOME", then you will see "Create / order my albums", click that, then you see boxes, under the big box, you see "NEW" then click that, put name of your album into small box, then it should not be any trouble. Please share your Jasper's picture with us!!

I don't know, but somehow nobody couldn't register at our Forum.
I fixed it. Hopefully anybody can register right now, If you still see "Failed sending email" message, please go to see "Memberlist", you see your name on it, that means your register was successful. If you still have a trouble, please let me know.
And please register, and post your thoughts and share with us!!
Thank you, my buddy for let me know this bug.

Some people might have a question. "Why did Japanese person make a site about Jasper Redd?". Well, currently I am in CA, and I caught him in "Def Comedy Jam" marathon on New year's eve, and I love it! Very funny. I love his unique timing and clever jokes. And later, I checked Youtube, I found his Premium Blend gig, love, love, LOVE! The more I watch him, the more I like his stand up. ADDICT, call me junkie.
Thank Yous
Of course, Mr. Jasper Redd. Because of his charms, we gathered here. Because of his talents, we had good laughs. Thank you so much for your talents, charms, kindnesses and generousnesses. And his parents for having him, and sharing his talents with us!
Web programmers, thank you for let me use your programs, open to everybody and FREE! Hats off to you all.
My friend, who inspired and encouraged me.
And my husband and son, sorry I forgot to cook dinner!