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* Now, Jasper's new album on iTunes, Amazon and others! Netflix has streaming video too! (4/16/14)

* After a long absence, I changed a little bit. Photo on Tumblr right now! (1/31/14)

* Guys, Just watch "Frankenhood" DVD, Jasper is amazing. Official Site (5/13/09)

* Jasper will be on Comedy Central Presents Jasper Redd!! Congrats him & us. Don't miss it!! Schedule (1/13/09)

* We remember Bernie Mac (1957-2008). May his soul rest in peace. (8/9/08)

* More videos at Media now. (08/02/08)

* Happy Birthday to Jasper! Best wishes for his 29th birthday. (6/9/08)

* THEY delete video which I uploaded on Youtube, sorry about that. But you know I can't fight with system. (5/14/08)

*I changed FILMOGRAPHY. Looks same, but it's big difference, click, click! (11/12/07)

*Comedy Central airs Comedians of Comedy Live at the Troubadour which Jasper participated in. (9/25/07)

*Due to spams, I changed Forum style. (7/31/07)

*I guess I forgot to mention I added more PHOTOs. (8/31/07)

*Now, you can have it. (8/6/07)

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